municipal animal control

Grand Rapids raccoon in cageCritter Control of Grand Rapids is there for communities that either can't afford or don't require a full-time wildlife control officer. Many communities need geese control, mole removal, or pigeon removal help, but do not have the experienced staff to handle it! If this happens, or if you are seeking other municipal wildlife control, call Critter Control of Grand Rapids.

It is important to us that our services are available to those who need them. Critter Control of Grand Rapids can help you if you are in need of municipal wildlife control, including the services below:

  • Wild animal control
  • Roadkill removal
  • Rodent control
  • Nuisance wildlife removal

If you are in need of assistance with code violations causing rodent problems, or other emergency services, call Critter Control of Grand Rapids.

No Domestic Animals Calls Please