Here at Critter Control, we encourage all clients to let us know how we did on any projects we may have. Below is what one client had to say about our work:


Yesterday was very VERY interesting!  This was the scheduled day for Critter Control to come and seal up the house and oust the uninvited squirrel squatters.  They showed up right on time with a crew of 4 and two trucks. This place does SERIOUS business for us homeowners.  Hey, if the squirrels aren’t paying rent, away they go, right! EVICTION DAY!


So, one of the guys went up INTO the attic and crawled around the rafters with his big light.  When he emerged, he told me that there was NO evidence that any critters had even GOTTEN into the attic. I was shocked! I said, “Then what were we hearing?”  He said we were hearing their chewing on the house on the OUTSIDE! Oh wow- BAD BAD squirrels!!!!


So, since they didn’t have to put a stink bomb in the attic to oust them, they proceeded to button up every conceivable entrance up on the roof.  What a job! They also put this special wiring around any possible entrance, including a metal “net” across the gables which ARE open to let air in and out of the attic.  Now the air can come in and out, but not critters. At this point they have done all they can. Now if the squirrels want to chew, they will chew, but can’t get in. They did say they found some walnuts that were taken up there, so yea, a rodent for sure, most likely the red squirrels who have been suspect all along.


Wow, all this time I thought we had guests in the attic and what we had was chewing on the house. Isn’t that just delightful...  Well, there is no more I can do to remediate this situation. I have done all I can.  Maybe I should sprinkle the house with cayenne pepper! Ha! 


The Critter Crew!  Nice work, guys!