Wildlife Control in Grand Rapids Homes

Critter Control technician holding removed wildlife.Grand Rapids is just as affected by wildlife control intruders as any other location in the country. Critter Control of Grand Rapids can help! We provide home wildlife control for residents in the Grand Rapids, Kent County, Ottawa County and surrounding areas. Call today to get rid of animals in your home! (616) 202-2606

Critter Control of Grand Rapids will perform a thorough inspection to identify any possible problem issues that arise from wildlife animals. As soon as the animal has been identified, your Critter Control technician will work closely with you to form an individual wildlife control plan that is specific to your animal issue.

A wildlife control program can potentially include wildlife removal, damage repair, wildlife trapping, prevention, and more. Trust Critter Control of Grand Rapids to take care of your problem in a prompt and humane manner.

Residential Control Problems

Critter Control has experience handling all wildlife control problems. Give us a call to get rid of bats, remove raccoons, and trap squirrels from your home.

Homeowners in the Grand Rapids area can be presented with a number of different wildlife control problems. When you discover raccoons inside your attic, bats in your walls, it can be overwhelming for the average homeowners! (616) 202-2606