Want to 'Do It Yourself'?

‘Do it yourself’ (DIY) projects can provide a sense of accomplishment and sometimes save money, but dealing with wild animal DIY projects may result in more than you bargained for.

  • Working on roofs, climbing ladders, and moving in small spaces can lead to falls or other injuries. Many people lack the know-how and safe ladder use and the implementation of safety equipment. 
  • Trapping wildlife and animal-proofing can also involve exposure to wildlife-related diseases or animal bites, and many wild animals leave infected feces behind.
  • From roundworms to Hantavirus, airborne spores can result in respiratory issues and other health problems, due to animal droppings.

Call Today for Professional Wildlife Control

Wild animal removal can be a dangerous undertaking best left to professionals. Call your local Critter Control office for assistance in solving all of your wildlife control needs.