Strange Noises Occurring In Your Attic

Squirrel removal Grand RapidsDo you hear noises in your attic, but you never see what is causing the problem? Many wild animals are able to make it into your home without you knowing, and you may never know until you hear noises that you have never heard before. Common calls that we receive here at Critter Control of Grand Rapids involve residents hearing strange noises in their attics. 

If you are able to answer yes to either of the questions below, you need to give Critter Control of Indianapolis a call to schedule an appointment at 616.202.2606 or use our handy form here!

  • Do you hear scratching or chewing noises in your walls or attic?
  • Perhaps you hear something scurrying or running on the floor, in the ceiling, or in your crawl spaces?

Animals like raccoons, squirrels, mice, and bats are all common nuisance wildlife in Michigan and can be quite loud in your home, especially in large populations.

The skilled, experienced technicians at Critter Control of Grand Rapids will thoroughly inspect your home and find the source of the noises. We'll safely and humanely remove problem animals and take necessary steps to make sure they don't return. Our animal exclusion tactics are an important part of long-term wildlife management on your property. Give us a call today 616.202.2606