Dealing with bats inside a Grand Rapids home can be overwhelming for an untrained homeowner. Luckily, we have the experience, knowledge, and technicians to help you get rid of bats in your Grand Rapids home or business! Call our office today at 616.202.2606 or click here to schedule an inspection.

Getting Rid of Bats

Like many wild animals, the minute bats get into your home, they can repopulate quickly. Therefore, it is important to address bat problems in your house. Our wildlife technician has a wealth of knowledge and experience in bat behavior and bat control. Critter Control provides full-service wildlife services include:

  • live animal trapping
  • home insulation restoration
  • animal entry point repair
  • animal prevention and management

Common Bat Problems

As bat droppings accumulate, it can lead to hazardous situations. Common bat problems can include:

  • feces odors and stains
  • home insulation contamination
  • Harmful diseases and bacteria stemming from bat guano

Bat Removal Services

Not sure what type of animal you are dealing with? Critter Control of Grand Rapids is able to identify the animal based on the sound and the debris that they leave behind. As a full-service control, we will provide services related to wildlife animal removal, damage restoration, as well as wildlife prevention and management programs. If you have any questions, simply give us a call at 616.202.2606 or click HERE to schedule a home inspection.

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