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  • Chipmunks in IndianapolisChipmunks are very small, so they can easily locate small entry holes in your home. Common entry points are open doors and windows, and openings in your walls or roof.
  • Sometimes chipmunks will come to your house searching for food. Uncovered pet food sometimes is the ideal food source for them.

Common Chipmunk Problems

  • The main issue with chipmunks is their proclivity to destroy crops and cause aesthetic damage to fields with their burrowing.
  • Chipmunks also nibble on things, like other rodents do, including soft materials like books, boxes, electrical wires, wood furniture, plastics, etc.. 
  • Chipmunks can leave behind droppings and urines inside of your house. Not only will their droppings stained your house, it can leave behind a bad odor. 

Chipmunk Removal Services

Removing chipmunks can be a challenging job, especially if you're doing it yourself. For example, setting up a fence might not always help since these small critters can easily climb over the fence. Setting up traps can be ineffective, and you can easily hurt yourself during the process. Getting a cat isn't always effective as not all cats will hunt for chipmunks.

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