CROW Control

  • Crows are highly intelligent animals capable of making tools and manipulating the world around them to solve problems. Social birds, crows roost together in large flocks through the fall and winter months. They are opportunistic omnivores and will eat almost anything, including fruit, seeds, worms, eggs, and trash.
  • Adaptable and social, crows are a common sight across North America.

Common Crow Problems

  • Crow damage primarily occurs in agricultural fields and gardens.
  • Their foraging activity harms seedlings and ripening crops.
  • Large flocks of crows can also cause damage to trees and other sites used for roosting.
  • Furthermore, their loud cawing creates irritating noise pollution, while their droppings produce unwanted odors and can even facilitate the spread of diseases such as histoplasmosis.

Crow Removal Solutions

As they congregate and roost in such large numbers, crows frequently prove challenging to remove, especially for untrained persons. In fact, amateur crow removal attempts can actually exacerbate the problem by causing the birds to move to another, possibly worse location. For effective crow removal service, contact the trained professionals at Critter Control. Our professional wildlife removal technicians can handle infestations safely and humanely

We can help you get rid of crow problems.  Call Critter Control of Grand Rapids today: 616-202-2606.

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The true crows are in the genus Corvus; they are large Passerine birds. As a group they show remarkable examples of intelligence; it would not be at all an exaggeration to characterize crows as being to birds what higher primates (including humans) are to mammals.
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