De  er Control

  • Deer often make an appearance in the spring and fall.
  • You will often see deer in yards and deer in gardens looking for food, which may cause you to seek out ways to get rid of deer. 
  • Deer generally move in the early morning hours right before and after the sunrise and right before and after sunset.
  • The most common types of deer in North America are the whitetail deer and the mule deer.

Common Deer Issues

  • Deer damage is normally contained within a garden area.
  • Deer often run out in the middle of a road during the night or when they are spooked.
  • Large amounts of droppings.

Deer Control Solutions

Call your local Critter Control deer removal and deer damage specialist to confirm you are experiencing deer problems and they can provide expert advice on how to get rid of deer. In most locations, there is a specific season for deer hunting and it is illegal to shoot deer out of season. In some situations, you can obtain a special permit if they are a nuisance. A Critter Control deer removal specialist will know the proper procedures in removing a deer and whether a situation calls for additional licensing for deer removal.

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