• Two species of flying squirrels are found in North America: the northern and southern flying squirrel.
  • To call them 'flying' squirrels is a bit of a misnomer, however, as the rodents actually use unique flaps of skin to glide among treetops.
  • They are not capable of true flight like birds or bats.
  • Though they are actually quite common throughout the United States, flying squirrels are rarely encountered by humans because they are nocturnal.

Common Flying Squirrel Problems 

  • As they are responsible for the spread of fungi spores and seeds of trees, flying squirrels are largely considered beneficial.
  • However, they become problematic when they move onto lawns and into attics as they make a lot of sound at night.
  • Additionally, their urine smells foul and can carry harmful bacteria.
  • Flying squirrels also gnaw on walls, structural support beams, and wires.

Flying Squirrel Removal Solutions

Though humans and flying squirrels are typically able to coexist peacefully, females become aggressive when they feel their territory is threatened. Untrained individuals should never attempt to approach the wild animals as interaction may result in injury. Contact the technicians at Critter Control for humane and safe removal of flying squirrels from private property.

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Flying Squirrels
Flying squirrels can control their glide and speed, by direction, angle and destination, and have been recorded to glide as far as the length of a football field.
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