Fox Issues

  • Foxes are quick learners and easily evade hunters.
  • They are notorious for attacking livestock, damaging property, and, in recent years, have gotten more comfortable scavenging for food in crowded cities and urban areas.
  • Common characteristics include bushy tails, pointed ears, and narrow, elongated snouts.

Common Fox Problems

  • As predators, foxes are notorious for killing entire populations of chickens.
  • In attempts to store food for later consumption, they often kill more livestock than necessary.
  • Foxes found in urban environments destroy private property and ransack unsecured garbage containers.
  • As rabies is prevalent in fox populations, extreme precautions should be taken when an animal behaves erratically and aggressively.
  • Coming into contact with fox feces can transmit additional diseases, as well

Fox Removal Services

Despite their charming appearances and playful behaviors, foxes bite when they are cornered. As such, individuals should never approach these wild animals. Critter Control specialists have extensive knowledge of pest removal and the experience to safely navigate removal. Our trained technicians make sure eradication is humane.


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