MOLE trouble?

  • Moles are small animals that are very capable diggers.
  • The animals spend the majority of their lives underground and have little need for a highly developed sense of sight or sound.
  • Moles prefer loose soils, like sand, and will avoid clay and stony soils that are difficult to dig through.
  • Meadows, grasslands, and woodlands are generally a moles choice in habitat.

Common Mole Issues

  • Moles tunnel close to ground surfaces, creating unsightly mounds of upturned dirt.
  • This burrowing habit will kill grass and other plants.
  • As mole infestations grow, they are capable of more destruction and can totally ruin beautiful fields, yards, and crop yields for farmers.
  • Additionally, the mammals inhabit sports fields, resulting in them becoming unusable.

 Mole Removal

Mole control methods can be tedious and expensive. Traps will need to be monitored and boundaries will need to be planted to exclude the small mammals from entering the area. If the incorrect methods are implemented, more damage can be done. Critter Control of Grand Rapids has the experience to effectively get rid of your mole problem with long-term results. Call today! 616-202-2606

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