Raccoons are frequent visitors to Grand Rapids area homeowners and business owners' properties and homes. They are known for being intelligent and shrewd, often utilizing their thumbs to gain access to doors and windows. Give us a call at 616-202-2606 to get raccoons out and KEEP raccoons out.

Getting Rid of Raccoons

Grand Rapids Raccoons are extremely intelligent, they can find creative ways around obstacles and traps, making them difficult to deal with. But don't worry, our wildlife field technicians have extensive experience in dealing with raccoons and raccoon related problems. We will help you with your raccoon problems. As a full-service company, our servicing area covers:

  • live animal trapping
  • home insulation restoration
  • animal entry point repair
  • animal prevention and management

Common Raccoon Problems

Raccoons can cause a lot of problems, including:

  • Chewed electrical wires
  • Home insulation damages
  • Feces and excrement odors
  • Contamination
  • Entry holes
  • Yard and garden damages
  • Diseases and raccoons serve as hosts to other problem pests such as fleas and ticks. 

Raccoon Removal Services

Not sure what type of animal you are dealing with? Give us a call! Our wildlife field technician is trained to identify wildlife animals based on the sound they make and the debris that they leave behind. As a full-service wildlife control company, our team has a proven track record in dealing with raccoon removal, raccoon damage restoration, and raccoon prevention and management. If you have additional questions, call our office at 616-202-2606 or click HERE to schedule an inspection appointment. 


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Raccoons are notorious for invading attics and crawlspaces, chimneys, basements. Click on the button below to hear what a raccoon sound like:
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