Most people in the Grand Rapids area are aware of the skunk's famous defense — their spray. Often times, your pets will be curious and want to approach the skunk. Skunk spray can temporarily blind humans and pets, and skunks can tear up landscapes, so we recommend you don't approach them if you are not well-trained. If you have a skink problem, call Critter Control of Grand Rapids today at 616.202.2606 or use our handy form here! 

Need Help Removing Skunks?

  • Skunks are well-known for their foul, pungent smell.
  • North American skunks usually have distinct black and white markings and long claws used for digging.
  • Striped skunks display two outward-bowing, thick stripes along their backs, which join together near their tails, and white patches on their heads.
  • Skunks are mostly nocturnal and prefer to live in open areas such as prairies, pastures, and forest edges.

Common Skunk Problems

  • One of the most common carriers of rabies, skunks are also known transmitters of canine distemper, hepatitis, tularemia, and Q-fever.
  • Skunk spray causes horrible odors and temporary blindness and can hit predators and people up to 10 feet away.
  • Damage to landscapes, plants, and structures when they dig for food.

Skunk Removal Services

Landowners risk the possibility of being sprayed when they approach skunks. Mishandling can also lead to bites, which require immediate professional medical attention. Instead of attempting removal, property owners should call Critter Control to assist with skunk problems. We employ expert-level pest professionals to ensure jobs are done right and in the safest way possible. Give Critter Control of Grand Rapids a call today  616.202.2606

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Animals digging in your yard? Skunk odors? Skunks under your home or porch? These are oftentimes indicators that skunks are living on or near your property. Call your local Critter Control office today for effective skunk removal and exclusion services.
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