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Squirrel Problems?

  • North America is home to over a dozen tree squirrels, nearly two dozen species of ground squirrels, and 2 types of flying squirrels.
  • Species of tree squirrels prefer to live among hardwood or coniferous forests where ground cover is plentiful. Their nests are usually made of twigs and leaves.
  • Tree squirrels and flying squirrels have been known to enter unsecured attic spaces to nest, and ground squirrels often burrow into yards or farmers' fields in search of food.

Common Squirrel Issues

  • Squirrels are expert foragers, damaging properties with their destructive digging habits.
  • When ground squirrels burrow near manmade embankments or dams, they weaken the structural integrity and cause collapses.
  • Flying squirrels and tree squirrels damage homes by gnawing or tearing at insulation and electrical wires on roofs and in attics. They can also cause outages when they run across power lines.

Removal Services

If serious problems with squirrels arise, contact Critter Control professional technicians to handle the furry little rodents. Our experts have the training and necessary equipment to trap and get rid of squirrels from private properties. We only employ humane methods of eradication and our process is safe for all parties involved.


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