Insects are wildly diverse in their appearances, purposes, and reasons they're classified as pests.

  • Some are simply nuisances and annoy people by gathering in large numbers, while others are considered problematic because they instill fear.
  • Many insects carry diseases and contaminate stores of human food.
  • Others consume and tunnel in wood causing costly structural damage.
  • Biting and stinging insects, as the title would imply, are pests because they inflict painful bites or stings.
  • While this category is far-reaching, the most common species of biting and stinging pests include harvester and imported fire ants, mosquitoes, brown recluse and common house spiders, bed bugs, and fleas.
  • In addition to biting and stinging, many of these insects spread deadly diseases.


Common Stinging Insect Problems

  • Ants and bed bugs leave behind irritating itchy red spots where they bite people. Imported fire ants actually inject venom into their victims, which causes an unpleasant burning sensation. Mosquito bites also cause itchy red spots to appear on victims' skin and hold the additional threat of disease transmission, as many species carry West Nile virus.
  • Though spiders are not aggressive, they bite people when they feel threatened or trapped. Common house spiders leave behind red marks when they bite; however, all symptoms tend to dissipate in a few hours. Brown recluse spiders are much more dangerous, as their venom can destroy skin tissue and incite severe allergic reactions.
  • Fleas do not typically target humans and more commonly congregate on household pets, like dogs and cats. Severe reactions to flea bites cause symptoms such as intense itchiness, hair loss, reddening skin, and secondary infections.

Stinging Insect Removal

The variety of biting and stinging insect pests makes over-the-counter removal solutions ineffective. Critter Control technicians have extensive knowledge of the behavior of several insect species and the necessary tools to eradicate biting and stinging insects from homes. At the first sign of infestation, property owners should contact our trained professionals.


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Stinging Insects
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