Pigeons Causing You Problems? 

Native to Europe, North Africa, and India, pigeons were introduced to the United States as a domestic species of bird and now hold widespread distribution throughout the North American continent. Pigeons are dependent on human activity for sustenance, pigeons are cosmopolitan in distribution and build nests of sticks, twigs, and grasses in lofts, steeples, attics, caves, parks, warehouses, on bridges, and anywhere architectural features allow for roosting. If pigeons are starting to cause a problem for you give Critter Control of Grand Rapids a call 616.202.2602 or use our handy contact form here! 

Damages Caused By Pigeons

  • Pigeon Problems Grand Rapids Pigeons are dirty birds. Their droppings are abundant wherever infestations are present and stain building facades, park benches, statues, and cars.
  • Pigeon droppings accelerate the deterioration of building materials and are unpleasant to look at.
  • Their excrement contains pathogens of numerous diseases, including ornithosis, encephalitis, toxoplasmosis, and food poisoning.
  • The birds can also harbor fleas, lice, mites, and ticks in their feathers and consume and contaminate stores of food meant for human and livestock consumption.

Full-Service Pigeon Removal 

As pigeons spread a number of diseases, individuals are safer not to approach them. In areas where pigeon infestations threaten the general public's health and well-being, pest control professionals should be called in to handle the problem. The trained technicians at Critter Control of Grand Rapids have the tools and knowledge of pigeon behavior to effectively and safely remove the birds.

We can help you get rid of pigeon problems. Call today: 616.202.2606.
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Pigeons in the attic or on the roof? Those pesky rock doves leaving droppings all over are common pigeons. Pigeons are notorious for causing significant damage to buildings, vehicles, property and machinery with their excessive droppings. Not only do pigeon droppings cause odor and aesthetic problems in public places, droppings can also increase the rate of building destruction.
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